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To facilitate students' course planning, pre-requisites for some of the key courses listed in the Neuroscience syllabus are presented here:





BBMS1001/BIOL1110/BIOC2600/BIOL2220/ BMED2302/PSYC2101/PSYC2110



BIOC2600/BIOL2220/BIOL3401/BBMS2007/ BBMS3002/BMED2301




PSYC2060# and PSYC2101


PSYC1001 and PSYC1004

# A waiver on pre-requisite course (PSYC2060) will be granted for students taking PSYC4101 Thesis in Neuroscience if the students have taken similar research methods course in their first major (equivalent to PSYC2060). Students shall approach the Department of Psychology for application.
  • Students are reminded to take note that you may need to use 6 to 18 credits for taking relevant pre-requisite(s) which are counted as free elective(s) outside neuroscience curriculum. However, if you have already completed the pre-requisite(s) concerned at another curriculum the implication of pre-requisite requirements in Neuroscience Major on students' course selection and study load would be minimized.
  • Taking of pre-requisite courses at introductory level from other faculties (other than those pre-requisite courses of "Disciplinary Electives") is subject to academic advising and prior approval of the Department of Psychology. First and foremost, these 12 credits must be utilized to fulfill the prerequisite requirements of "Disciplinary Electives", and also to ensure that all components of the major are academically coherent.
  • For selection of pre-requisite courses in the SIS system via HKU portal, students should choose two pre-requisite courses at introductory level from any faculties (12 credits) under the list of free electives and approach the Department of Psychology for confirmation.
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