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Image by Robina Weermeijer
Image by Robina Weermeijer


Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary study of the structure and function of the nervous system. This programme focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying behavior cognition and perception in humans, both in health and disease (although students will be exposed to findings from animal studies as well). Students will be given rigorous academic training, from a variety of disciplines, to prepare them for further studies and research, as well as to be able to eventually translate the relevant knowledge into practical applications. Apart from academic careers and further medical training in areas such as cognitive neuroscience, psychology, neurology, and psychiatry, other career paths include computer science, education, artificial intelligence, public policy, marketing, medicine, and pharmacology etc., as they all benefit from a basic training in neuroscience.


The mission of this Neuroscience programme is to provide high quality undergraduate education in neuroscience using a multi-disciplinary approach. This programme combines basic science with more specialized courses in neuroscience and psychology. Students can take this neuroscience programme as a second major, or as a minor in addition to their declared primary major. The objectives of the programme are set out below:



Provide students with exposure to and a fundamental understanding of neuroscience and its related fields in a multi-disciplinary approach




Develop students’ ability to critically analyze scientific research


Equip students with basic theoretical and methodological training that enable their successful pursuit of further study at the postgraduate level in neuroscience or related disciplines


Enhance students’ awareness of social issues as the neuroscience training will equip them with the background to understand controversies in neuroscience or related disciplines

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